chicago format for essay

chicago format for essay

Chicago format for essay
Names and Numbers

  • Footnotes will always appear at the bottom of the page where the reference occurs and endnotes go on a separate page after the body of the paper.
  • Place the note number at the end of the sentence in which the reference occurs and after any punctuation; remember to superscript it.
  • If using endnotes, title the top of the first page as ‘Notes’ in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Do not embolden the title.
  • All notes should be typed in 12pt font using Times New Roman.
  • Within the notes themselves, numbers are full-sized, and are followed by a period.
  • Indent the first line of any footnote 1/2” from the margin. Other lines will be flushed left (this formatting is opposite of the bibliography).
  • Notes should be typed using single-space, but different notes should contain a space between them.
  • Only use Arabic numerals, not Roman.
  • Never reuse a number.
  • Use a shortened citation for sources you refer to more than once.
  • If citing multiple sources in a single note, separate each citation with a semicolon.
  • Never use two note numbers at the end of a sentence (see above).
  • If citing the same work again immediately after you’ve already cited it, use ibid.

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Chicago format for essay
Block quotes do not use quotation marks. Instead, a blank line separates them from the surrounding text on both sides and they are indented by an additional ½ inch. Unlike the rest of the text, they are not double-spaced.
A title page isn’t required in Chicago style – often it’s sufficient to just include your title at the top of the first page – but if you’re asked to include one, Turabian provides guidelines for how to present it.

  • underline , or creative fonts.
  • Do not put a page number on the cover page, and do not count it as part of the total page count.

Footnotes and endnotes

  • Font: Clear and easy to read, the preferred fonts are Times New Roman or Courier
  • Font Size: Generally not less than 10pt, but preferably 12pt
  • Space: Doubled everywhere except within block quotes, table titles, notes, figure captions, and bibliography or References entries
  • Spaces Between Paragraphs: None
  • Margins: Not less than 1”
  • Chicago Style Page Numbers: Placed at the top right corner of each page excluding the title page, so the first page of the main body should be numbered at 1
  • Footnotes: Should be assigned on quoted or paraphrased passages if you use the Notes-Bibliography method.

What are the main elements of a Chicago format paper? Both the Chicago and Turabian styles imply that the author should divide his document into three parts: Title Page (cover page), Main Body, and Bibliography.


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