chicago style essay format example

chicago style essay format example

Chicago style essay format example

  • The bibliography should start on a new page, and be titled ‘Bibliography’ at the top in 12 pt. Times New Roman font. Do not embolden the title.
  • Use proper formatting for each type of source and always using a hanging indent. The first line of the citation will begin on the margin, subsequent lines are indented (opposite of a footnote/endnote).
  • The bibliography must be ordered alphabetically.
  • Entries should be typed single-space with a blank line between each separate citation.
  • If you have multiple bibliographic entries from the same author, it is acceptable to use what is called the ‘3-em’ dash to replace the name of the content creators. For Example:

Names and Numbers

Chicago style essay format example
Endnotes appear on their own page just before the bibliography; footnotes appear at the bottom of each page. Footnotes should be separated from the text by a short rule and be presented in the same font size as the main text, or smaller. Word’s footnote function automatically creates footnotes like this:
Prose quotations of five or more lines (or more than 100 words), as well as poetry quotations of two or more lines, are presented as block quotes.

Watch out for these common errors:
Overall page layout

Chicago style essay format example
Here is a sample of an ideal title page, arranged according to Chicago Style.
Title Page

4.The reference list entry contains full publication information, with the year following the author’s name. Include the information that you think would help the reader find the source you have referenced. Organize the sources in the bibliography in alphabetical order by author last name. If your source does not have an author, list the source in the alphabetical list starting with its title.
2. The reference list can be titled “Reference List” or “Works Cited.” Check with your teacher to see if they prefer one or the other.


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