chinese essay format

chinese essay format

After a certain period of accumulation by reading, you will greatly improve your Chinese writing. For beginners, you should purdue with basic topics such as your favorite hobby, future plans, favorite vacation spot, or any other topic that you can write about without difficulty. For example: Generally the writing topics can purdue classified into these categories: You should also be marking up books and articles that you read looking for new ways of expressing ideas.
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W02-05 I love my little pet This is a modeled essay about animals. The instructions allow students to use their previous essays, as well as any pets they currently own, as inspiration for the essays they wrote. Other than a suggested vocabulary list, the instruction provides a four-part guide in both Chinese and English.
R02-07 “I Love My Young Sister” is author Danna Li ‘s work, written at age 8. The essay is four paragraphs long and contains 283 characters. A short glossary of 20 new characters and phrases have been added to reduce the difficulty of reading and aid comprehension. Students need to answer 8 questions, each with three possible choices. In addition, various exercises are provided to strengthen the reader’s vocabulary, grammar, etc.

In North America, for example, a common template for writing an essay is the five-paragraph essay. This organizes the paragraphs and the sentences within each paragraph. Most English-language writing in academia follows a somewhat similar structure to this.
The Chinese have a device called 起承转合. First you start(起) narrating on some topic. Then you continue(承) to develop the topic with added material. Then you turn(转) the narrative, either by seeking different aspects, or creating conflicts and resolving them. Finally you conclude(合) the topic.

Whenever you come across words or phrases in your reading that you don’t understand, take the time to check them in your dictionary and solidify your understanding of them. In your notebook, write the new word or phrase and create an example sentence using that new addition to your vocabulary. If you are unsure how to use it in a sentence, you can simply copy the sample sentence in your dictionary.
In addition to expanding your view of the world and yourself, reading can help you improve your writing. Reading allows you to learn by example; if you read Chinese daily, you will find that it is easier to write in Chinese because you have a greater scope of what you can do with the vocabulary that you’ve learned. Choose one favorite Chinese reading , Read it for an hour or 2,000 words or so in length each day.

Chinese essay format
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