cse essay format

cse essay format

If using Citation-Sequence
If using Name-Year

Cse essay format
19. Pulford I. Environmental chemistry at a glance. Oxford; Malden (MA): Blackwell Pub.; 2006. 132 p.
According to CSE style, you identify in the text of your paper the sources of information (references) you have used. This serves the same purpose as “footnotes,” but is integrated smoothly into the text of your paper, rather than listed separately. The CSE style offers several systems of citing your references. This handout illustrates the Citation-Sequence system.

Page numbers and running head. Put the page number and a short version of your title in the top right-hand corner of each page except for the title page.
Headings. Especially when your paper is long, or when it has clear parts, headings can help readers to follow your argument. Center headings but without adding any extra space above or below.

Label and title both tables and figures. Tables are labelled “Table 1” and numbered consecutively. A title, which briefly identifies the data in the table, follows the label; both are positioned at the top of the table.
Double-space throughout the essay, including for block quotations (where relevant) and the list of references.

Each in-text citation is followed by a superscript number based on where the source first appears in the text. For example, if the first reference in a citation-sequence system paper were to an article by Browne, the reference would be labeled this way:
use superscript numbers



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