format for common app essay

format for common app essay

Format for common app essay
Use one-inch margins all around. This is standard and easy to read.
Maybe you’re less concerned with the micro-level college essay format, like fonts, and more concerned with the macro-level format, like how to structure your college admissions essay. Is there’s some secret paragraph formula that will make writing easy and clearly express all of your strengths to an awestruck admissions committee?

Once you’ve completed your outline, turn your attention to your introduction. It needs background (but not too much) so the reader can easily grasp what you’re saying and relate it to their world.
If you use stats or reference facts, try to mention the source but watch the word count doesn’t build up too much.

If you’re asking family and friends to proof read and check your essay before you submit it, you’ll also be able to set ‘track changes’ on the document so you can accept or reject their suggestions.
Either option is possible, but at Studential we recommend using the word processing tool as it allows you to easily plan, check and correct your essay while offline.

Format for common app essay
A college essay is not a resume—it’s the best opportunity to show off your unique personality to admissions committees. Pick your topic accordingly.
Look at those dummies, solving a problem!

However, once again, we come back to what are arguably the two pillars of a strong Common App essay – specificity and story.
The importance of the opening line in the Common App essay can’t be understated. It’s a chance for applicants to demonstrate flair, originality and wit, and to really grab the reader’s attention. That’s why brainstorming the opening line is an important exercise in itself.


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