integrated essay format

integrated essay format

Integrated essay format
Directions: Give yourself 3 minutes to read the passage.
The reading and the lecture are both about ______. Whereas the author of the reading states that _______, the lecturer suggests that ________. The lecturer casts doubt on the main points made in the reading by providing two/three reasons.

Integrated essay format
The integrated paper begins with a brief introduction to the area of interest and focuses the reader’s attention on the issue and background of the problem. This brief introduction leads the writer into a review of each of the pertinent areas that must be explored to gain an understanding of the many facets associated with the subject of interest. It is the writer’s responsibility to provide logical transitions from one pertinent area to another. It is through these transitions that the reader begins to understand the larger picture. While discussing the findings within a pertinent content area the writer should:

  • distinguish between assertion and evidence in the studies
  • identify methodological strengths and weakness of the studies
  • identify relationships among the studies
  • identify major trends or patterns in the results
  • note how the reviewed articles relate to your topic
  • identify gaps in the literature
  • finally, consider designing a table(s) that compares important characteristics of studies reviewed.

Integrated essay format
1. Paraphrase the professor’s point
B. Paragraph on third point

Integrated essay format
But first, let’s look at how you can prepare for the Integrated essay.
The goal of the TOEFL Integrated essay is to consider how the reading and listening passages connect to each other. Take a look at the claims that you identified in the reading and listening passages. Do they agree or disagree?

Integrated essay format
No matter what question style is used, write your introduction using the following template:
The reading suggests three solutions to a problem. The lecturer feels that the solutions will not work. The question will look something like this: “Summarize the points made in the lecture, being sure to explain how they cast doubt on specific solutions presented in the reading passage.


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