mla format essay outline

mla format essay outline

Mla format essay outline
(1) Supporting point
a. Supporting point


  • Evidence/Reference.
  • Explanation (Related to the Thesis).
  • Link Sentence to the Second Body Paragraph.

Mla format essay outline
You’re halfway there.
This part is what seems confusing at first, but it’s actually pretty simple to do. Your outline should be a multilevel list, which just means that it’s a mix of numbers and letters, should your outline need it. The thing to remember, though, is which letters and numbers to use first.

Mla format essay outline
MLA Format Sample Paper, Title Page
MLA Format Sample Paper, Page 3

Mla format essay outline
However, you should know that an essay with an outline is better understood and accepted not only by the audience, but also by your instructor when it comes to grading you and acknowledging your work. So, our suggestion is to read this article carefully because it will explain you in details how to write an outline in MLA format.
Lately, there has been a lot of buzz around MLA format or style of writing. MLA stands for Modern Language Association. In the Modern Language Association (MLA) style an outline is not strictly required which means you may choose not to write one.


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