sample mla format essay

sample mla format essay

“Disrupting White Normativity in Langston Hughes’s ‘I, Too’ and Toni Morrison’s ‘Recitatif’”
Meg Matthias, Miami University, Ohio

Sample mla format essay
Here are a few examples:
Use the sentence:

Sample mla format essay

Type Works Cited (do not underline, boldface, italicize, or enclose the title in quotation marks).

  1. To set the margins, select File and Page Setup from the Menu Bar:

Type the following one inch from the top of the first page, flush with the left margin (double spacing throughout).
Include your last name and page numbers in the upper right-hand corner of every page. The page numbers will be one-half inch from the top and flush with the right margin. If your instructor prefers no page number on the first page, begin numbering from 2 on the second page.

Sample mla format essay
The MLA header should look like this:
Search by book title, page URL or journal DOI to automatically generate flawless citations, or cite manually using the simple citation forms.


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