scholarship application essay format

scholarship application essay format

These tips will help you to make an engaging introduction that will drive attention and make your essay stand out.

Scholarship application essay format
Scholarship Essay Example:
As proud as little Sam Foster w as in his dad’s automobile shop, the Sam Foster of today is even prouder. No longer is he too shy to stand on his own, but he thrives in the spotlight.

Scholarship application essay format
If you are not provided with a prompt, and the topic of the essay is left open for you, be sure to cover the relevant information and try to show your creative side in your approach. If you have questions or queries about the process, or the topic of the essay is unclear, be sure to contact somebody at the organization for further clarification.
– Keep page marking to one-inch (top, bottom and side)

Scholarship application essay format
When you’re ready to apply for scholarships, sign up for Going Merry! You’ll create a free student profile, enter your information once, and then we’ll match you with thousands of scholarships that you can apply to with just the click of a button. Don’t worry about entering your information twice – we’ll pre-fill this for you!
If you’re writing your essay in a document to upload to your Going Merry profile, or to submit to a scholarship application on a provider’s website , and the scholarship provider doesn’t have explicit guidelines, it’s best to just follow a standard professional style and format. That means using 1-inch page margins, 12-point font size double-spaced (or 1.5 spaced), and a “standard” font like Times New Roman in classic (default) black. Don’t get creative with fonts or colors here. You want the content of your essay to be what stands out, rather than your unorthodox formatting.

  1. Read the instructions thoroughly and make sure you completely understand them before you start writing.
  2. Think about what you are going to write and organize your thoughts into an outline.
  3. Write your essay by elaborating on each point you included in your outline.
  4. Use clear, concise, and simple language throughout your essay.
  5. When you are finished, read the question again and then read your essay to make sure that the essay addresses every point.

For more tips on writing a scholarship essay, check out our Eight Steps Towards a Better Scholarship Essay .


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